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Ensure quality control of your goods throughout every phase of your your production cycle with ease

Are you wasting valuable resources on outdated quality control practices? We understand the frustration of juggling numerous QC parameters and processes manually. Introducing our Quality Control App for Dynamics 365 Business Central – your solution to automate and optimize quality control management.
Here's how it revolutionizes your operations:
1. Automated QC Documentation: Define QC parameters, inspect materials, and generate QC documents seamlessly, ensuring every material meets your quality standards.
2. Effortless Material Movement: Automatically reroute materials that fail QC to designated locations, maintaining production flow and efficiency.
3. Streamlined Nonconformity Handling: Easily register nonconformity instances and execute corrective actions promptly, minimizing disruptions in production.
4. On-Demand Test Certificate Generation: Generate test certificates directly from the system, ensuring compliance and transparency in product quality.
5. Vendor Evaluation and Record Maintenance: Evaluate vendor performance and maintain detailed records for future reference, enhancing supplier management.
6. Effortless Master Data Maintenance: Simplify master data maintenance, ensuring accuracy and consistency across your quality control processes.
7. Time-saving Automation: Automate quality control processes to save time and improve overall efficiency, allowing your team to focus on strategic tasks.
Take control of your quality control processes today. Try our Quality Control App for Dynamics 365 Business Central and elevate your manufacturing operations to new heights of efficiency and excellence.
Supported Editions:
The Essential edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central supports the "Inward" module, while the Premium edition supports both "Inward" and "In-Process" modules.
Supported Countries:
Supported Languages:
English (United States)"

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