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Time and Billing


Register time and bill customers with this easy-to-use app that also includes resource scheduling.

Register time and bill customers with this easy-to-use app that also includes resource scheduling.

Time and Billing is simple to use and saves you a lot of time.

Do you lack control of time registration for your billable resources? Are you billing less due to late or lacking time registration? Is your billing to customers complex and error-prone? Would you like to take control of your capacity planning of billable resources?

Making sure all billable time is entered in a timely manner is critical to cashflow and customer satisfaction. Catching issues with time entry early is crucial so corrections can be made before billing is taking place. Scheduling of resources can help you with capacity planning and resource availability.

Our Time and Billing App makes time entry and billing customers effortless. Time registration is a controlled process that reduce mistakes and errors. Both time entry and billing follow predefined rules to avoid faulty billing of your customers. Resource time overviews allow control of billing and missing time entry is easily discovered and corrected. Billing is a one-click process that creates invoices to your customers based on their individual requirements. On top of all this we also provide an easy-to-use resource scheduling system that is closely linked to the time entry system.

Feature and benefit summary:

  • Save time registering time and billing clients.
  • Time entry that makes sure work is entered quickly and correctly.
  • One-click billing of all jobs to customers using predefined rules.
  • Handle project prepayments with ease.
  • Overview of resource time entry catches missing time and potential issues quickly.
  • Resource scheduling helps you plan and control resource availability.

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This App supports both the Essential and Premium edition of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

This App is available in the following countries: United States and Canada.