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Project billing and management made easy – with DYCE Project Billing

Sell services just like any other item. The connection between sales orders and projects enables you to create project tasks and distribute the budget between these tasks out of the sales order. Any time recording made for one of these tasks can be approved by using an easy workflow. This step grants the opportunity to check whether everything that should be invoiced will be invoiced. Once a time recording has been reviewed and approved, it can be posted, and the service invoiced, afterwards.

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The integration of sales and invoicing services as well as the convenient approval workflow generates substantial efficiency gains in selling and billing services. Invoicing services becomes faster and less error-prone. Furthermore, the connection between sales orders and projects simplifies controlling.

Offer & bill services more easily

With DYCE Project Billing, you can easily offer and bill services. For this purpose, the three most common variants (by effort, fixed price & capped effort) are available by default.

Link project & tasks

With DYCE Project Billing, you can link any number of tasks to a project. This simplifies evaluations and the performance measurement of your projects.

Create project tasks easily and quickly

Create and budget project tasks directly and with just 2 clicks from a project, against which project participants can record times.

Better overview and approval of project times

As a project manager, you have an easy and clear overview of all recorded times of all persons involved in the project. You can check their time recordings before releasing them and edit them if necessary.

Features & benefits

  • Convenient overview of all projects and tasks
  • Various types of invoicing services (time and material, budget, fixed price)
  • Connects sales orders and projects
  • Create and budget project tasks in sales orders
  • Purchase project-related external services and resources
  • Approval workflow of time recordings
  • Cancellation of time recordings
  • Automatic rounding of time recordings (e.g. 50 min to 1 h)
  • Batch posting of time recordings
  • Once time recordings are posted, services can be invoiced
  • Automatically attach service details to invoices

DYCE Project Billing comes along with DYCE Essentials, which includes smart functionalities to create bundles in sales offers and to structure sales documents.

Supported countries

Available in all markets

Supported editions

This extension supports both the Essential and Premium editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Supported languages

This app is available in German and English

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