Cambodia Localization

por SISKH Co., Ltd

Localization for Cambodia designed to meet Cambodian local tax and reporting requirements

Localization in Business Central refers to the adaptation of the software to comply with the specific legal, tax, and accounting requirements of a particular country or region.

  1. Local Taxation: Incorporating Cambodian tax rates, tax codes, and reporting formats for Value Added Tax (VAT) and other applicable taxes.
  2. Currency and Language: Supporting the Cambodian Riel (KHR) as the local currency and the Khmer language for user interface and reporting.
  3. Legal Reporting: Ensuring the system generates reports and documents according to Cambodia's legal requirements, such as financial statements, tax filings, and government-mandated forms.
  4. Cambodian Chart of Accounts: Configuring the system with the standard accounting classification used in Cambodia.
  5. Regulatory Updates: Keeping the software up-to-date with any changes in Cambodian laws and regulations related to finance and accounting.
  6. Compliance with Accounting Standards: Aligning the system with Cambodian accounting principles and practices.

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