Statistical Accounts

por Stoneridge Software LLC

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Create, monitor, and report non-financial data within your general ledger accounts.

Statistical Accounts for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides easy-to-use, non-currency balance General Ledger (G/L) accounts to record on financial data allowing you to post transactions to these accounts and have a secure, clear audit trail.

Feature Highlights

  • Keep track of important non-financial data, such as headcount, square footage, within your G/L account and use this information to run more comprehensive reports.
  • Use Statistical Accounts within your Dynamics 365 Business Central account schedules, and other reporting tools, to automate and simplify common reporting requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I incorporate Statistical Accounts values in my third-party reports, such as Jet Reports and Power BI?
    • Yes, transactions are posted to the G/L entries table
  • Can I incorporate Statistical Accounts in Accounts Schedules?
    • Yes
  • Can I create my own General Ledger batch for Statistical Account postings?
    • Yes
  • Can Statistical Accounts be used in conjunction with allocations?
    • No

Supported Editions: The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.  
Supported Countries: United States. 
Supported Languages: This app is available in English (United States). 

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