DMS-365 (Dealer Management System)

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Elevate your Business Presence with CS Dealership Management to the Next Level!

Our integrated Dealer Management System can revolutionize your Dealership Operations. Our web application is designed to empower automotive dealerships with a comprehensive suite of features with seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.
Key Features:
Dealer Dashboard: Get real-time insights and control with our intuitive and graphical Dealer Dashboard. Streamline your inventory with our DMS solutions. Get a system to monitor stock levels, pricing, and procurement effortlessly, ensuring your dealership is always up-to-date and ready for sales processes.
Order Management: Manage inbound and outbound orders from procurement to delivery effortlessly. Our system ensures a smooth and efficient order processing workflows, boosting your sales pipeline and customer satisfaction.
Service and Parts Management: Optimize service and parts management with our DMS solutions. Our system helps you efficiently handle service appointments, maintain the vehicle service history, and streamline your parts inventory and ordering process.
Order Tracking: Monitor the entire life-cycle of customer orders. Order creation, processing, fulfillment, and delivery are some key processes which can be easily handled in CS DMS. Get real-time updates on the order status. Access historical order data for forecasting and improving supply chain management.
Targets Management: Stay connected wherever you are with our mobile-friendly DMS solution. Access vital information, respond to leads, and manage inventory on the go, empowering you with flexibility and control in today's fast-paced automotive industry.
Complaints Management: CS DMS’s robust Complaints Management feature prioritizes customer satisfaction. Resolve issues promptly, enhancing customer loyalty and customer relations.
Retailer Order Management: Simplify retail order management in a retail environment. Effective order management is crucial for businesses to meet customer expectations, optimize resources, and streamline operations. Enhance your relationship with retailers by offering a seamless ordering process.
Reporting and Analytics: In DMS-365 (Dealer Management System), Reporting and Analytics are crucial for informed decision-making. Gain valuable insights into your dealership's performance. It helps you monitor key metrics, make data-driven decisions, and generate custom reports for strategic planning.
Sales Team Hierarchy and Hierarchy-wise Sales Management: Efficient sales team management is facilitated through a hierarchical structure. The DMS allows businesses to define roles and responsibilities within the sales department. Hierarchy-wise sales management enables tracking individual and team performance, setting targets, and monitoring progress.
Customer Hierarchy and Categorization: Customer Hierarchy and Categorization feature in CS DMS helps dealerships organize and understand their customer base. This hierarchy helps businesses prioritize their efforts, allocate resources efficiently, and provide personalized experiences based on the customer's relationship with the company.

Why Choose CS DMS (Dealer Management System)?

Technical Expertise
Our team has more than 200 certified professionals who bring a wealth of experience to the table. We have successfully executed DMS projects so you can stay assured about your implementation.
Customer-Centric Approach
Our team listens, adapts, and works hand in hand with you to ensure our DMS solutions align perfectly with your dealership's needs. With CS DMS, you feel valued as a partner before you get started with automotive excellence.
Customized Solutions
We specialize in tailoring a DMS to align precisely with your dealership's unique requirements, ensuring a seamless fit into your business processes, and boosting overall productivity and performance.
Proven Track Record
With a history of successfully completing over 350 projects, we have consistently delivered exceptional results to businesses across various industries. Our DMS services consistently meet and exceed client expectations.
Global Network
Our clientele is spread across 11 countries, and we are growing at a rapid pace. We work with no language or time zone barrier to ensure quality DMS implementation of every scale of business.
Support and Training
We offer comprehensive support and training, ensuring your team can harness the full potential of our DMS. This empowers your dealership to excel, delivering excellent results and customer satisfaction.
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