LS Express Hardware Station

por LS Retail

Hardware Station for LS Express. Enables more control over the physical drawers.

LS Express Hardware Station enables users to have more control over the physical cash drawers. Instead of the drawer being controlled by the printing, with this app you can have more control.

LS Express is a complete online POS system, natively integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This means that you can use just one retail system to manage all your tasks, improving your service and increasing your profitability. And as it is cloud-based, LS Express costs a fraction of the price of a traditional POS system - and allows you to cut on hardware expenses, too.

Benefit from a powerful combination of retail tools and Microsoft suite capabilities. Accept various combinations of payments, safely: LS Express is EMV and PCI compliant. Run your customer sales history in Microsoft Power BI, and use the forecasts to optimize your purchasing. LS Express shares the familiar Microsoft business environment, making it quick to learn and easy to operate.

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