Supply Chain Cloud - Transport

Blue Horseshoe Solutions, Inc.

Manage the movement and handling of freight, while tracking logistics assets across the supply chain

Supply Chain Cloud - Transport for Dynamics 365

The Supply Chain Cloud - Transport module is designed for Microsoft Dynamics 365, is a single solution that streamlines the transportation planning, execution, rating, routing, settlement, freight reconciliation, and financials across the enterprise for transportation providers including Private Fleet Operators, Logistics Service Providers, Brokers and 4PL’s.

The Supply Chain Cloud - Transport is architected to include “Configurable Operations” which allows a Transportation Provider to have access to Multi-Operational Workflows within a single solution.

Ideal for Transportation Providers

Private Fleet Operators

  • Seamless Integration to WMS
  • Load / Route Planning based on Shipments
  • Pick to Route
  • Route Delivery

Logistics Service Providers

  • Asset Management
  • Driver Management
  • Location Operations

Broker / 4PL

  • Non-Asset Based providers
  • Contract Management
  • Load Tendering
  • Bid Management / Spot Quote

This platform enables the Transportation Provider to manage the movement and handling of freight across the supply chain, while optimizing logistics network assets. This includes transportation of freight, warehousing, distribution and value add services performed by the Transportation Provider.

SC Cloud - Transport Key Features


  • Linehaul / P&D Routes / Broker
  • Schedule, Plan, Execute

Dock Ops

  • Loading / Unloading

Yard Ops

  • Yard Management

OS&D Ops

  • Exception Management

CRM Enablement

  • Claims / Customer Management


  • GPS / Driver Routes / Driver Log
  • Geo-Tracking / Geo-Fencing

Hours of Service

  • Regulatory Compliance / Reporting

Contract Rating

  • Advanced Contract Pricing

Worker Settlement

  • Driver Pay Schedules

Cross Ops Support

  • Single Enterprise Solution / Global Logistics

SC Cloud - Transport Advanced Features

  • Transportation Bid Management
  • Spot Quotes
  • Fleet Maintenance Records
  • Customs Documents, e-filings
  • Fuel Card / Fuel Tax Reporting (IFTA)
  • Direct Store Delivery Mobility
  • VAS Billing Support
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