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Vietnamese Localization Package


Vietnamese Localization Package for Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations

Vietnamese Accounting Standard (VAS) Package for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations is a comprehensive set of reports and features those are required by the Vietnamese Tax Authority. The  VAS solution has been built by Votiva and enhancing, updating for the past thirteen years. The key elements of the package is including the following vouchers & reports:

  1. Financial statement - Balance sheet (B01-DN) - Profit and Loss (B02-DN) - Direct cash flow (B03a-DN) 
  2. Daily document - Inventory: Receipt note (01-VT) Delivery note (02-VT) - Cash: Receipt voucher (01-TT) Payment voucher (02-TT) Posting Journal (S02a-DN) - Invoice: VAT invoice VAT invoice statement 
  3. Reports - General Journal (S03a-DN) - Trail balance (S06-DN) - General Ledger (03b-DN) - Cash book (S07-DN) - Cash book in detail (S07a-DN) - Cash in bank (S08-DN) - Receipt book in detail (S03a1-DN) - Payment book in detail (S03a2-DN) - Inventory transaction book (S11-DN) - Inventory card (S12-DN) - Fixed asset card (S23-DN) - Fixed asset transactions (S22-DN) - Fixed asset counting (05-TSCD) - Vendor balance by ledger account (S31-DN) - Vendor balance by ledger account and currency (S32-DN) - Payment list by currency (S33-DN) - Customer balance by ledger account (S31-DN) - Customer balance by ledger account and currency (S32-DN) - Sales detail by account (S35-DN) - Account book in detail (S38-DN) - VAT Sales Statement (01-1/GTGT) - VAT Purchase Statement (01-2/GTGT)