Remarks Management

por Axperience AG

Remarks management for customer and vendor documents

With Axperience Remarks Management, any text can be efficiently managed and printed on customer, supplier and project documents. Define easily, simple and secure on which forms the text will be printed. Regardless of whether it is printed in the header, footer or on the individual item. There is also the possibility of formatting using an HTML editor.

In addition, the quality of the processes can be increased with the help of remark texts. Texts can also be defined as info. So that the user get an info box when creating a sales or purchase order.

Key features and benefits:

  • Easy management of remark texts for different forms
  • HTML editor for formatting the text
  • Print on standard SSRS reports
  • Can be implemented on your own reports as required
  • Info remark texts
  • Management of text templates

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