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Power your document-centric processes with content that is easy to find, link, route, and request

Documents are the fuel that keeps your organization’s engine running. The longer it takes to locate a document in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and verify it’s the correct version, the longer your critical business processes are stalled.

Certified document management built for Microsoft Dynamics 365
Axtension® Content Gate provides radical visibility and control. Finding what you need becomes effortless as content is automatically linked to relevant records. Collaboration becomes safe and intuitive as conditional content-based business rules get baked in, and even those outside of your business processes can be easily incorporated.

Consider Axtension® Content Gate the liberator of your organization’s content. By connecting your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment with Content Gate, you unlock safe collaboration across your organization, with users accessing the same single point-of-truth for all documentation. The beauty of Axtension® Content Gate is that, from a user’s perspective, it looks just like the familiar Dynamics 365 interface, and it mirrors already established processes and workflows. This is possible because Axtension® Content Gate is transparently embedded inside your Microsoft Dynamics 365 environment. That means no switching back and forth between windows, and minimal training for both daily and occasional Dynamics 365 users. And, as with all Axtension® business solutions, we continuously build our one-step-ahead knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics 365, market needs and best practices into each update of Content Gate for a solution that delivers increasing value over time.

If a software solution can make the experience of finding and collaborating on content in Dynamics 365 easy and enjoyable, your teams’ forward momentum is only accelerated.

Confidently complete your tasks with the information you need–and nothing you don’t–automatically available to you with one click.

Truly comprehensive document visibility. Content Gate reaches across organizational silos to pull in the information you need to complete tasks quickly and accurately.

Rest assured knowing that anyone who touches your organization’s documentation is drawing from the same source in real time.
With Content Gate, any collaboration–whether across teams or business units, or even outside of Microsoft Dynamics 365–works from a single source of content truth.

Put every user in the command-and-control position when it comes to content.
Eliminate confusion, costly mistakes, and wasted time. Expedite your critical business processes by empowering users with exactly the information they need to complete their tasks–without even requiring they search for it.

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