CONSPRO Construction project management


CONSPRO is a Construction Project Management App

CONSPRO is a Construction Project Management App developed by By Birlesik Uzmanlar Bilişim A.Ş.. CONSPRO is developed within the Project Module of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance.

CONSPRO can be used by contractors who construct infrastructure projects, roads, dams, highways, airports and industrial buildings and by the builders who build residential and commercial properties as well as engineering companies for their projects.

It is not a country specific solution. It can be used in any country. Any Chart of Accounts can be used to parametrically to map Balance Sheet Accounts and Income Statement Accounts. Percentage of Completion Method adjustments can be made to arrive at IFRS Financial Statements.

Construction project budgets can be built and revisions can be made in numerous versions, each version is saved and can be revisited. The budgeting process starts with the determination of the activities and their cost. BOQ (Bill of Quantities) in monetary and physical units are detailed for these activities. Labor cost can be obtained from any payroll software via integration to fill in the predetermined labor cost tables to allocate the labor cost to the appropriate construction activities. Alternatively, labor cost can be filled in manually into the predetermined labor cost tables.

Then the construction contract with the employer is used to build the budgeted revenues.

Budgeted and Actual costs can be compared. Completed work and remaining work in terms of monetary and physical units can be followed up instantly. The progress payments can be prepared automatically and can be revised instantly.

CONSPRO can be fully integrated with PRIMAVERA subject to some customization at both ends. It can be integrated with our Plant Maintenance Module which is another standalone​ app to determine depreciation expenses and to manage maintenance activities of Plant Equipment and Machineries.

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