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Engage and retain customers online and in store with a unified loyalty strategy for ecom and POS

Customer expectations for relevant, real-time marketing are at an all time high, and brands who are able to deliver have an opportunity to gain market share and gain a competitive advantage.

Clutch Loyalty for Commerce is for brands that know the first step to retention and revenue is unified customer data. With this foundation, Commerce customers can deploy effective Loyalty programs that are the opposite of a dated, one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, brands can drive retention and increase revenue with campaigns, communications and offers that cater to the unique motivations of individual consumers.

This integration also features a unified stored value solution that lets customers receive and redeem gift cards or merchandise credit wherever they shop. Brands can manage multiple programs with various objectives simultaneously, reducing headaches and risk with flexible settlement reporting and sophisticated fraud monitoring and verification.

Key Features
  • Real-time, three way data sync between Commerce, Clutch and Dynamics CE*
    • Customer records created in any system are available and up to date in all systems
    • *For Dynamics CE users, this integration uses the Uses Clutch Loyalty for Sales or Marketing app and Dual Write for SKU catalog and contact sync between Clutch and Dynamics CE
  • Loyalty Campaign integration with ecommerce, Cloud POS and/or Modern POS
    • Sophisticated, strategic loyalty campaigns with dozens of reward types and flexible program structures to choose from
    • Checkout line item level data or SKUs can be used to trigger loyalty campaigns and apply relevant discounts
    • A member section allows customers to check their reward balances expiration dates
  • Seamless Stored Value integration
    • Customers can redeem Clutch gift cards online or in store (Cloud POS or Modern POS)
    • Customers can check their gift card balances and expiration dates online
  • Thoughtful and secure operational tools for teams
    • Ability to look up existing Clutch Loyalty members in Cloud POS and/or Modern POS
    • Ability to create new Clutch Loyalty members in ecom and Cloud POS and/or Modern POS
    • Secure checkouts and reliable campaign execution

Key Benefits of a Unified Loyalty Strategy
Customers are motivated by different things. Some respond to price, others value experience. Clutch Loyalty for Commerce works for any type of business with any type of customers because it is flexible and designed for customization. For those who are new to loyalty, there are tried and true campaigns and segments that can easily be deployed. For advanced marketers who want to create unique experiences, the sky is the limit.

  • Drive Loyalty - Increase customer loyalty by uncovering deeper insights into what consumers value most.
  • Change Behaviors - with data driven messaging and proven strategies for retention. Choose from pre-set or customizable programs and campaigns.
  • Protect Margin - use discounts only when necessary. Instead, leverage dozens of non-promotional campaigns and reward types.
  • Manage Churn - identify changes in behavior using machine learning. Quickly address churning or at risk customers while rewarding desired behaviors
  • Improve Marketing ROI - Reward high value customers while reducing unnecessary marketing spend on customers who are likely to lapse and eventually churn
  • Optimize Customer Lifetime Value - Target high LTV customers and encourage positive behaviors while reducing spend on customers who have low LTV
  • Mitigate Loyalty Fraud - Reduce exposure and quickly identify fraudulent behaviors with machine learning detection models and real-time traffic observation for loyalty programs.

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