cc|text module for Dynamics 365 Finance&Operations

Cosmo Consult

Text Module App enables you to transfer blocks of content into reports according to specified rules.

Text Module App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Operations

COSMO CONSULT's text module enables you to transfer blocks of content into documents according to specified rules in Microsoft Dynamics 365, and also to control the output. Users can add additional information to the data such as quotes, orders, picking notes, delivery notes, invoices and purchase orders, and they can format the texts in an HTML editor.

It is also possible to define language-specific text elements and to assign them date-limiting attributes. For example, Christmas texts can be saved that can be printed only in the six weeks before December 24th. It is also possible to store identical text modules in the database one time, and then reuse them in different positions. Header and footer texts can thus be easily created and used for quotes, orders and purchase orders, and these texts can be assigned to prospects, customers and vendors.

Individually created texts can be prepared for document items as templates, and automatic texts can be configured depending on the article in question.
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