DD Tech for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations

por Demand Driven Technologies, Inc.

A connector that enables Dynamics 365 customers to utilize the power of DDMRP.

Replenishment+ dramatically improves materials planning by shifting from forecast driven to sales order driven planning – enabling you to improve service levels and make smarter, faster decisions. Based on Demand Driven MRP principles, it automatically identifies strategic inventory positions so you can know sooner and act faster when supply and demand are misaligned. Thanks to its built-in execution and analytics suite, it also simplifies planning and focuses executive attention on what really matters.


 Replenishment+: Demand Driven MRP Supply Chain Planning Software That Stands Out

  • The Demand Driven MRP methodology helps planners eliminate the guesswork caused by inaccurate forecasts—and make decisions based on real sales orders.
  • One system, powered by demand driven MRP methodology, can replace multiple existing solutions and disconnected spreadsheets while providing end-to-end visibility.


Key Benefits:

  • Successfully implement Demand Driven MRP principles with the first solution to be certified by the Demand Driven Institute
  • Easily plan for anticipated adjustments like seasonal spikes
  • Increase working capital by reducing procured materials and idle inventory
  • Protect against severe fluctuations and stockouts
  • Monitor and manage material planning across multiple locations
  • Increase executive alignment and make faster, better informed decisions

Supported Countries: USA 
Supported languages: English 
Supported Editions: Premium

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