EQM Automotive SCM Solution

por EQM

EQM Auto SCM Solution is based on MD365 F&SCM, catered to the Auto Equipment & Components verticals

The EQM Automotive Supply Chain Management Solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & SCM and is catered to the Automotive Equipment and Components industry verticals. The solution can help suppliers and the OEMs with order management, master planning, inventory management and logistics, so that they can have better control of their processes and end-to-end visibility across their value chain.
The solution encompasses all areas of the value chain, including: 
  • For Supplier Mgmt: Purchase Order Mgmt; Inbound Logistics; Supplier Performance Mgmt
  • For Production & Operations Mgmt: MRP, Production Scheduling & MES Tracking, incl. Subcontracting; Inventory Mgmt, incl. Consignment; Warehousing & Distribution
  • For Customer Mgmt: Sales Order Mgmt & Customer Invoicing; EDI & Change Order Mgmt; and Outbound Logistics.
The solution is available in English and Spanish.

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