RF-SMART Print Suite Bridge


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Easy Label Printing for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations

Print Suite Bridge is a standalone printing and labeling solution that provides the easiest way to get data onto your labels without workflow modifications. With out-of-the-box integration to Dynamics 365 and a built in label designer, Print Suite Bridge allows you to collect data from multiple sources and add fields to your label (like item ID, batch ID, License Plate/Pallet ID, location, item dimensions etc.). You can choose fonts and place symbols, barcodes and images where you want them for easy customization in minutes. After the label is created, Print Suite Bridge sends them to the appropriate printer and provides job and printer statuses in real-time. You can also log print requests and print confirmations and error handling. Automating your labeling process with Print Suite Bridge provides greater efficiency and reduces reprints – saving both labor and material costs.

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