NMB Gateway for TMS for Shippers

por NMB Solutions LLC.

An industry leading TMS for all-modes of transportation to optimize your network

NMB Gateway for TMS for Shippers is designed specifically for D365 Finance and Operations users. It enables shippers to scale infrastructure and business processes while gaining efficiencies to improve service offerings. Also, with access to multiple parties on a common platform and collaborative opportunities within a community environment, companies gain access to carrier capacity. The global capabilities of our TMS solution ensure compliance by providing complete supply chain visibility and access to industry data to meet multi-regional regulations and guidelines.

The solution is single-instance and multi-tenant, which means there is one piece of technology privately accessible to all clients. Transportation Management offers an end-to-end holistic approach to transportation management in one workflow. This also allows for greater visibility across an entire transportation network. On average, companies save between five and 10 percent of their freight spend in the first year.

Solution at Glance

Automated Load Building - Tender unassigned loads with the push of a button

Visibility - Manage and keep tabs on the vehicles in your fleet and share real-time activity with partners.

Advanced Optimization - Optimize your operation with advanced optimization algorithms

All-Modes - Road, Rail, Ocean, Air, Fleet and Parcel all within the same platform

Carrier Network - Access to the largest carrier network in the world

Integration to D365 - Seamless integration with D365 to reduce errors and boost productivity

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