RSM ProShip Connector

por RSM Product Sales LLC

This offering allows for easy communication between Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management and ProShip

RSM's ProShip Connector enables companies to have greater flexibility delivering packages by providing shipping, tendering, and label management through major and regional carriers. The ProShip Connector increases shipping flexibility and efficiency while reducing costs with the following features.
    • Effective Rate Shopping: Built-in rate shopping capabilities to determine the most cost-effective shipping options. This feature provides more visibility into both large and local carriers to help meet evolving customer expectations while better managing costs.
    • Flexible Label Creation: Several options are available for creating labels given the different scenarios shipping is faced with each day. For example, the accelerator enables preprint labels in the warehouse to ship items more efficiently for backorders, rather than following the typical pick-pack-ship cadence.
    • Shipping Compliance: Integrates to ProShip services allowing business to stay current with carrier compliance, updates, label, and document production.
    • Proactive Maintenance: Carriers processes can change, contract negotiations typically require data manipulations to reflect current rates and fees. These processes are managed automatically, reducing the pressure on internal resources.
RSM's ProShip Connector bridges the gap between Dynamics 365 and ProShip, helping save time and energy when leveraging the shipping software. By connecting the two platforms, RSM helps clients become more successful and takes the guesswork out of shipping decisions and managing high-volume orders.

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