PLM Integration Framework

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Intuitive, configurable PLM integration solution

PLM integration Framework can help you connect engineering and manufacturing worlds seamlessly with an easy, no-code, point and click configurable solution. Available out-of-the-box for Siemens TeamCenter and PTC Windchill, and configurable easily for a variety of PLM and PDM systems such as 3DX Dassault, Autodesk, etc.

Our offering:

In a world where engineering creates product data in PLM, but manufacturing consistently enriches this data with operational data, an integration is much more than just sending over the product data. It may appear to be a problem of (technical) integration, but it truly comes down to connecting two realities. This demands unique knowledge, insight, and experience of those two worlds, which cannot be taken for granted. We provide you with all three 'in a box.'

The PLM integration framework is a reliable integration solution for Dynamics that is productized, low-risk and care-free. It is designed to completely work together with the engineering change management solution of Dynamics 365.

Key Features:

  • The PLM integration framework offers a "single source of information" for product-related processes in a central, digital location.
  • It is updated frequently and available to everyone engaged in taking a product from concept to completion and delivery, from design to sourcing to customers.
  • Out-of-the-box the product can delivered with an integration with PTC Windchill and Siemens Teamcenter, but To-Increase has great experience in connecting with other systems like Dassault 3DX, Dassault Solidworks, Oracle Agile and Vault.
  • This offer includes service hours to connect with 3DX, that enables designers to work in a native 3D environment.
  • Go beyond the PLM Integration with our additional capabilities around Data Ownership and Data Governance.

Key Benefits:

  • Lower your risk by using a productized, tried-and-true solution that is kept up to date with PLM updates and managed as CICD. ​
  • Drive efficiency and scale up your business with our solution that supports needs of multinational manufacturers.
  • Reduce product development processes and enable faster time to market by establishing a smooth and well-designed integration supported by strong tooling. 
  • Reduce costs of duplicated work and errors, by seamlessly integrating PLM and ERP systems.

TI delivers a robust and flexible PLM Integration Framework, so you can fine-tune it to your needs easily.

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