Trade+ document handling & text modules

por Würth Phoenix S.r.l.

Document handling & text modules

With Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations it is possible to create attachments to several tables. These attachments can be of several types, which can be individually parametrized.

It is required to implement a functionality to save standard texts as so-called text modules, so that they can always be inserted into attached documents of several tables.


A second request is a copy functionality for attached documents. It should be possible to choose which type of documents should be copied from which source table to which destination table.

For example it could be very useful to copy an attachment regarding a special sales offer form the item to a sales order, however it will make no sense to copy attached documents concerning the purchase to the sales order.

In order to provide a certain clarity and to improve the usability of the document handling form, this solution allows restricting the usage of document types on various tables.

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