Apprau Case Management for Small Business and Non-profit Organisations

por Apprau Pty Ltd

Apprau streamlines case management for small businesses and non-profits on Microsoft Power Platform.

Apprau Case Management for Small Business and Non-profit Organisations is an innovative, user-friendly solution built on the enterprise-grade Microsoft cloud platform. It offers a cost-effective and efficient system tailored for small businesses and non-profits, avoiding the high costs and complexity of traditional enterprise solutions. Addressing common market challenges, Apprau provides low upfront and operating costs, saving up to 80% in licensing fees with Power Apps. The solution features a simplified deployment process, and affordable customizations. Key features include an out-of-the-box end user portal, Microsoft Teams integration, ongoing feature development, automation support, and future generative AI capabilities. With its intuitive dashboard, seamless case creation, integrated case overview and chat, personalized support, and comprehensive entitlement details, Apprau streamlines case management processes, making it an ideal choice for small businesses and non-profits.

Challenges with Current Offerings

  • Case Management solutions are expensive
    • Expensive to configure
    • Expensive to maintain
  • Suitable for big corporations with deep pockets and many resources but out of reach for others
  • Many great features to configure but most may not be used
  • Yet, not enough features that matter
  • Too complex for users who needs a simpler solution
  • End user and internal user adoption is difficult

Why Apprau Case Management?
  • Low upfront costs
    • We have made the deployment simpler to keep initial costs down
    • Low operating costs
  • We are utilising Power Apps licensing saving you up to 80% in licensing costs
  • Low monthly fees to use the product
  • Yes, you can tailor the solution using our affordable consulting services
  • Suitable for NFPs and SMBs
  • End user portal comes OOTB
  • Integrated with Microsoft Teams
  • Built on the enterprise-grade, secure, and highly scalable Microsoft Power Platform
  • Ongoing feature development by Apprau Team
    • We are building automations to support various scenarios
    • We are working on Generative AI features
  • Have your own Power Platform experts? Yes, you can extend the solution without our help

Apprau Case Management Features
  • Intuitive Case Management Dashboard
    • Effortlessly view and navigate through all your cases with a sleek, user-friendly interface.
  • Seamless Case Creation
    • Easily create new cases with detailed information and image attachments for comprehensive support.
  • Integrated Case Overview & Chat
    • Manage all your cases and engage in chats with support agents directly from the case page.
  • Personalized 1:1 Support Chat
    • Enjoy direct communication with support agents, ensuring personalized and efficient assistance.
  • Comprehensive Entitlement Details
    • Instantly access and manage your entitlement details, including remaining and total entitlement minutes.

Apprau Case Management provides a cost-effective, scalable, and user-friendly solution, empowering small businesses and non-profit organizations to streamline their case management processes with ease and efficiency.

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