Aptivio for Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement

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Re-capture revenue you didn't know was yours

Typical sales development processes and buyer intent data offerings are outdated, inefficient, and generic, leading to low conversion rates, blind spots, misalignment between sales and marketing, destruction of brand value, and unempowered selling. In today’s volatile world, sales teams need solutions that are sustainable and cutting-edge. At Aptivio, we’re the future of sales. Our all-in-one AI platform positions companies to achieve sustainable growth today and tomorrow. We leverage artificial intelligence to free up sales reps from mundane tasks. Aptivio helps Chief Revenue Officers with opportunity discovery, revenue conversions, unifying sales and marketing, and optimizing the selling experience. Our Buyer Intent AI platform empowers sales reps with real-time signals and actionable insights to anticipate the needs of customers before the competition. Aptivio offers a seamless user experience and adoption that’s self-service and easy to instantly set up. We reveal buyer intent and sales-ready opportunities within 48 hours, tailored to your go-to-market playbook. We’re backed by Panoramic Ventures and Quake Capital and deliver sales pipeline growth to market-leading firms such as Capgemini, Tonkean, LexisNexis, and more. ​

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