Food Product Development

por Aurelium

This Application is designed to cover the R&D process of the food industry.

Small and medium sized companies operating the in food industry typically put a lot of effort in market analysis in order to look for new sales opportunities. Market Business Intelligence feeds the R&D process which in turn coordinates product development or redesign. Since the R&D process requires a lot of creative thinking combined with numerous try-outs of newly (re)designed products, it often runs as an unstructured process in which only the main process stages are well defined (Idea, Concept, Development, Launch, Follow-up).

Information systems like ERP / CRM very often do not provide support for highly volatile processes such as R&D in which a lot of ideas may lead to only a couple of launched products. In the same way product & test information systems like PIM and LIMS are only a match for managing product specifications and test data. Managing the entire R&D process consequently requires an intermediate system linked to traditional information systems (ERP, CRM, PIM, LIMS), offering enough flexibility for managing R&D activities from product idea to launch & follow-up.

This ISV app is designed to cover the entire R&D process considering specific requirements of the food industry.

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