REMII (RealTime Enterprise Metering Integrated Intelligence)

por Build-Apps Pty Ltd

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REMII brings IOT metering to the PowerPlatform (

REMII is part of the suite of business applications by Build-Apps she enables connection to streaming data sets bringing real-time analysis of metering usage across your entire property portfolio. It gives you the ability to see streaming data alongside the rich PIPP.AI. data enabling actions to be layered into the business’ intelligence used for the portfolio.

REMII is a real-time energy usage analyzer that is carried out across the entire property portfolio. Providing information needed to develop and implement strategies in achieving sustainably targets on both a building and portfolio level. The app’s analysis of real time energy use generates actionable insights in pursuit of energy saving practices. Using both traditional a IOT (Internet of Things) data API’s (Application programming interface), REMII has active connections to a wide range of metering information from Energy and water to population and air quality. She even has pre-approved device partners who can fast track for EMS platform implementations.

Need a single home for the ever growing metering data across your portfolio from IOT to BMS? Just ask REMII

Want to digest metering data in the context of the asset and tenancy it serves to enable insights for efficiency gains? Just ask REMII

Want to be able set warning and alarms in near real time across the entire portfolio to help curtail max demand issues? Just ask REMII

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