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Explore Dynamics 365 Map: Visualize Route, Appointment planner, Monitor Map Solution, Radius Search

MappyField 365 for Dynamics CRM is a game changer for businesses or teams using location intelligence. Our tool is helpful to businesses that need a hand with:

  • Managing large datasets
  • Boosting productivity with automation tools
  • Hassle-free customer conversion
  • Improvement in customer service and support quality
  • Wider market expansion

MappyField 365's Upcoming features

  • Add/View note
  • Colourised pushpin
  • Plot related records
  • Import and plot external data (CSV)
  • Create activity while saving & updating the route
  • Auto scheduling
  • Add a map in the entity record

Why MappyField 365 for Dynamics?

Easy business expansion

MappyField 365 is a powerful geo-mapping plugin that boosts business productivity. It integrates advanced features like live tracking, geographic data visualization, proximity search, auto-scheduling, auto check-ins, territory management, heat maps, and more.

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Enhance business productivity

MappyField is the right tool if you want to enhance your business's on-field services. This next-generation productivity tool helps you with:

Geographical data visualization

Visualize, filter, and geocode your data on a map, and create configurable heatmaps to facilitate data-driven business decisions.

Build pipelines and drive revenue

With features like custom territory management and proximity search, you can build segmented pipelines for sales, marketing, or field service teams.

Save time and money with smart routing

Create, optimize, manage, and share routes for field reps. Monitor their progress and current locations, and save time and money with optimized routing.

Appointment automation

Auto schedule on-site visits, proximity-based auto check-ins, meeting notes, direct appointment booking, and activity planning.

Upgrade your CRM and on-field service management game with MappyField - the best Dynamics 365 MapPoint alternative!

Make your on-field and off-field teams more productive

Which teams benefit the most from MappyField 365?

Sales team

Empower your sales team with:
  • Visit Planner
  • Territory Management
  • Heat Map Solution
  • Geo-analytical dashboards
  • Sales pipeline management

Marketing Teams

Enhance marketing efforts with features like:
  • Plotting CRM data on the map
  • Smart area selection filters like region, drawing, territory, and user
  • Data Grids
  • Add contacts to marketing lists

Field Service Teams

Optimize field services with:
  • Proximity Search
  • Mobile App
  • Route Planning
  • Automatic check-in and check-out

Features for Managers

Managers can benefit from:
  • Live tracking
  • Simplified configurations
  • Multi-language support

Partners, suppliers & distributors

Access valuable Census Data with ArcGIS integration

Delivery Team

Improve delivery operations with features for
  • Route optimization
  • Live chat
  • Note logging

Which industries can use MappyField 365?

  • Real Estate
  • Healthcare & Pharmaceutical
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing
And many more!


MappyField is available in multiple languages and is compatible with all devices!

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