PARLe D365

por BVC-Groupe Cyberjustice Inc

A Modular and Scalable Platform for Online Dispute Resolution

The PARLe platform is an off the shelf commercial solution, based on Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 platform.

PARLe enables public administrations and courts to optimize and automate the online resolution of millions of requests or disputes of consumers, citizens or litigants. PARLe offers these organizations the ability to swiftly, cost effectively and intuitively process the ever-growing number of requests from citizens and other litigants, and provide accessible judicial services for civil, quasi-criminal and administrative offences.

PARLe offers a multi-awarded, multilingual four-stage dispute resolution process – eFiling, Negotiation, Mediation and Adjudication. PARLe allows individuals to participate online from anywhere in an innovative, user-friendly and cost-effective manner. PARLe has been optimized for a wide array of disputes, including municipal offences, labor disputes, family disputes, consumer disputes and debt repayment disputes among others.

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