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ESG Data Collection for Power App is a tool that supports manual processes of ESG data collection

ESG Data Collection to Power App is a tool that supports and automates manual processes of dispersed ESG data collection

The app supports collecting Scope 1 and 2 GHG and ESG data from dispersed locations. It could be matched and integrated with an ESG engine for emission counting and ESG reporting.

It is the first step in the ESG reporting process as everything starts from the data collection.

It especially well corresponds with Microsoft Sustainability Manager and provides a smooth flow and automatization from the specific Client’s location to the Microsoft Sustainability Manager where data could be transferred to the forms and then based on Power BI dashboards.

However, the app also could be used with any external tool which is possible to be integrated with.
As a result, this app supports the reduction of environmental impacts and emissions. Also supports the increase of operational efficiency, and is especially dedicated to those entities which currently preparing or are in the process of preparing the ESG reporting

What Client’s problems does it solve?

  • Gathering dispersed ESG data
  • Easy ESG data implementation
  • Collection of the data from Scope 1 and 2 areas
  • Supports compliance with ESG and local environmental law regulations
  • It could be easily integrated with the ESG reporting tool like Microsoft Sustainability Manager

How it supports our Client’s ESG goals and targets?

  • Clear and consistent methodology - might be easily checked and audited during the validation process by external auditors
  • Could be adjusted to any scheme - allows matching it with different reporting schemes according to the new European reporting requirements, local law policies, and internal business procedures
  • It centralizes previously disparate data in a common data format and then could be transferred to the external ESG reporting tool.

How to start? – Buy it now and check how it works!

As an expert on ESG reporting matters together with our Clients, we can support their journey through the Power App tool.

Power App tool assessment provides:

  • Data quantity, quality, and type identification
  • Data source identification
  • Integration of the App with Clients' utilities
  • Data collection and integration
  • Corrections and if necessary estimations with the requirements

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