Car Fleet Management Application

por Comtrade System Integration

Efficiently automate fleet operations tasks and keep vehicles running smoothly.

The primary goal of the application is to optimize the way the fleet is used and track the usage generated costs.

The application consists of two parts, a backend part intended for employees who manage the fleet and a frontend mobile application intended for the fleet users.

The application distinguishes between the pool of shared vehicles and the vehicles used by the employee based on the car allowance policy, and related procedures.

The application manages the following processes:

· Fleet usage

· Refueling

· Reservation management

· Incident management

· Administration, users, vehicles and partners

The application through its backend provides reporting on usage parameters such as:

· Mileage report

· Fuel consumption report

· Usage report

· Incident report

· Report on inquiries and realization of vehicle reservations

Project objectives and outcomes:

· Dispersion of activities among all participants in the procedure

· Control of the use of the vehicle

· Fuel consumption control

· Repair cost record

· Incident management

· Management of requests for vehicle reservations

· Electronic communication

· Business reporting

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