Comtrade Retail Execution Application

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Empower field sales with a productivity tool with geolocation and AI capabilities

Have your sales activities been shifting towards a data driven, smart model that can reduce uncertainty and improve customer relationships immensely?
Do the following operation goals interest you:
  • Transparency and Efficiency Improvement & Having 24/7 Access to Sales Activities and Data
  • Analyzing valuable data to make better business decisions
  • Reducing Errors leading to a more increased customer satisfaction and Loyalty
  • Increasing profitability as a result of better process efficiency
  • More Effective Communicating and Collaborating

If your operational goals resemble the aforementioned, we have developed a solution - ready to improve your field sales and commercialization activities.
Comtrade REXA represents a retail execution and monitoring (Application) solution that provides a holistic overview of all the commercialization/retail execution activities conduced by field sales.
With the Comtrade Rexa you can:
  1. Streamline sales processes

    Provide modern mobile tools for sales execution on the field. Get rid of endless email and cumbersome Excel sheets... and get the exact info (who? when? why? - principle)

  2. Easy and transparent management
    Plan, manage tasks, get real-time updates what is happening on the field.

  3. Digitize processes

    Eliminate manual or paper-based processes. Possibility to integrate with internal systems, providing end users stellar mobility experience.

Some of possible functionalities that could be useful to field sales:
  • Getting visits and tasks on retailers in one place - centralization of data
  • Get guidance toward optimal completion of tasks - the application can be enhanced with automation models that would assists sales personnel and act as an extension to the CRM or similar software used by employees (geolocation and mapping of closest routes, prioritization of routes, etc.)
  • Use mobile capabilities to increase performance - the application can be used on mobile phones, making it extremely flexible for field sales

The application can be customized and adapted completely towards the customer infrastructure business model, example features that can be integrated and boost sales activities are:

1. Lists of Retails/POS
2. Lists of visits/appointments on map
3. Retail info
4. Compliance and Contracts checks
5. Tasks, Follow-ups
6. Call, email, or Route To Retail
7. Mobile phone camera and GPS usage

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