COREFIN Loyalty Management

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COREFIN Loyalty Management is a horizontal add-on to Dynamics 365 / Customer Engagement

Rewarding your most valuable customers has proven to be a very successful strategy for many companies around the world. Creating and caring for loyal customers will not only increase customer satisfaction and retention, but will also result in more repetitive purchases as well as referrals to other prospects. At COREFIN we have recognized the need for an easy, smart and efficient way to manage loyalty schemes and we have provided the right tool for this: COREFIN’s Loyalty Programme module! Within Microsoft Dynamics 365 you can manage in an elegant way Loyalty Programmes and link these with various loyalty cards and redemption strategies. To further increase quality, we also offer self-service web portals for customers where they can view all their purchase history, loyalty points reserve, new offers, discounts, client status (VIP, corporate) and much more.

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