DueDil Enrich

por DueDil Limited

Enrich UK Dynamics accounts with unique insights and authoritative company data

Get a real-time view of any UK company by enriching your Dynamics accounts with authoritative company data

A lack of quality company information makes it harder to execute your sales and marketing strategy, slowing down your sales cycle and restricting growth.

DueDil Enrich is a first of its kind application for Dynamics users in the UK to enrich sparse account data with authoritative company intelligence and actionable insights in a single click.

Get a comprehensive view of the market with unique insights that help you improve targeting, increase collaboration and streamline processes.

How DueDil Enrich empowers your team:

DueDil Enrich harnesses the power of DueDil’s Business Information Graph (B.I.G.)™ to:

  • Eliminate manual research with automated account enrichment
  • Create a single view of any UK company or limited partnership
  • Map territories and route leads with confidence
  • Give full control over which data and information you integrate

Seamlessly integrated from Appsource, DueDil Enrich gives your team the edge they need to move with speed and execute with conviction.

What makes DueDil Enrich unique:

  • UK Focused - First of its kind product for the UK market and native to Dynamics for easy data enrichment on UK companies.
  • Comprehensive - More than 200 million connections and insights covering every UK company, charity and limited partnership
  • Authoritative - Company information drawn from dozens of authoritative, GDPR compliant sources, updated daily

Supercharge Dynamics in just three easy steps:

  1.  Search: for the top 10 matches from the DueDil B.I.G.™
  2. Select: the correct match and proprietary company data and insights you’d like to copy into your Dynamics account
  3. Refresh: at any time with the click of a button

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