Hitachi Solutions Identity Verification

por Hitachi Solutions

Improve Security and Privacy for Call Centers

Identity Verification by Hitachi Solutions makes it quick and easy for call center reps to verify customers, improve service, and save your organization money.

Identity Verification is a highly configurable app for Power Platform and Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and improves the accuracy and speed your call center reps can identify callers. Identity Verification puts call reps on a clear path, giving them the required questions and steps to ensure your calls are secure, private, and cost-effective. Identity Verification has helped users save as much as 30 seconds per call.

Security and Privacy is Invaluable for Call Centers

We don’t need to tell you the importance of securing private information. But we can’t tell you enough the value of having the right tool to secure that precious information.

  • Within a year, Identity Verification will save you the cost of a call rep’s salary.
  • Fraud costs: According to a study by The Nilson Report, global card fraud losses reached $28.65 billion in 2019. Implementing robust caller identity verification can help call centers minimize these losses.
  • Call center costs: CX Today reports that the average cost per call in the United States is upwards of $5.60. Efficient caller identity verification can reduce call durations and minimize costs.
  • Identity theft: Javelin Strategy & Research reports that identity fraud losses reached $56 billion in 2020. Call centers can reduce their risk by using effective caller identity verification methods.

Why You Need Identity Verification

  • Securing sensitive data: costly fraud and disclosures demand robust privacy measures
  • Effective compliance & training: minimize coaching expenses and improve consistency
  • Efficient caller experience: reduce agent swivel chair and enable stronger caller relationships
  • Optimizing call center KPIs with consistent processes: First Call Resolution, Average Handle Time, Quality Assurance

Secure Service without Compromising Speed & Efficiency

  • Integrated streamlined process: Enhance efficiency with built in verification procedures
  • Customizable questions & answers: Tailor verification to meet specific requirements
  • Configurable business rules: Adapt app functionality to align with organizational policies
  • Intuitive interface: Easily capture right or wrong answers for a seamless experience
  • Multiple caller personas: Support various caller types with tailored verification
  • Audit-ready verification record: Ensures compliance and simplify reporting

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