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Automatically track and manage customer asset warranty activity in Dynamics 365 for Field Service

The ability to view, access, and automatically track customer asset warranty coverage and the data to facilitate manufacturer warranty claims is critical to running a profitable service organization. Not having this visibility can negatively affect efficiency, productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

To help you seize control of warranty management, we’ve built an agile yet robust add-on that’s integrated with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service. The warranty management module allows you to quickly and easily create, administer, process and track warranty coverage and activities against customer assets throughout their entire lifecycles.
When warranty processes and data are automated, service is faster, invoices are more accurate, warranty claims are streamlined, customers are happier, and all service revenue is accounted for.

Business Outcomes:

  • Automated and streamlined warranty management
  • Increased warranty visibility
  • Enhanced customer communication and satisfaction
  • Reduced revenue leakage from warranty claims process issues and fraud
  • Simplified and speedier customer invoicing
  • Increased claim accuracy
  • Streamlined warranty registration process
  • Integrated fully to D365 contact center and work order processes

Features and Capabilities

  • Automate Time Card Work Flows
    Pre-built functionality allows you to automatically track and manage warranty activities, terms, and conditions within D365 CE and Field Service. With this visibility you can check warranty status and access details and serviceable components in warranty agreements. It also allows you to indicate warranty and agreement coverage on cases and work orders – including showing which products and services are not billable.
  • Full Mobile Experience
    You can access and manage warranties and activities across all devices, including a complete mobile experience with off-line support. This provides technicians with visibility to warranty and agreement coverage on cases and work orders in the field. The module runs on the latest version of the Field Service Mobile app.
  • Streamlined Claims Processing
    The module helps you collect all the data you need to quickly and efficiently support warranty claims processes.

Hitachi Solutions offers deep industry expertise combined with decades of experience providing high-value solutions that deliver rapid return on investment. Our implementation methodology is designed to give you a faster, lower-risk implementation and rapid adoption through proven best practices.

Please contact Hitachi Solutions for more information on our full product suite. 

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