Imperium Patient Satisfaction Solution


Survey patients across hospital departments to evaluate healthcare protocols and standards.

What is Imperium Patient Satisfaction Solution?

Every hospital cares about patient satisfaction and improving satisfaction scores across departments. Imperium Patient Satisfaction offers a variety of built-in surveys based on the WHO and HCAPS-defined standards for collecting patient feedback on hospital services. Review the submission results through real-time dashboards for every survey type, and maintain data for improving the medical facilities and satisfaction metrics.

Key Features

  • Anonymous survey responses to protect patients' identities and receive sincere responses.
  • Pre-built templates for patient satisfaction in Maternity Services, Emergency Department, Surgery, and Oncology departments.
  • Questions with logic-based conditions to collect meaningful data from patients.
  • Built-in dashboards for individual surveys.
  • A complete package to review hospital management, Medicare staff, department facilities, and patient feedback.
  • Mobile and tablet-friendly Canvas Application for completing surveys.
  • Survey configuration with scoring rules and branching.

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