DaIM Qualität

por Indevo GmbH

DaIM Quality, -Increase process capability and enhance customer satisfaction

Note - DaIM Quality is an integral part of the modular DaIM solutions for management systems quality, environment, information security, occupational health and safety, energy and sustainability.

DaIM Quality contains specific extensions for your quality management system according to ISO 9001 or other implemented quality standards (GxP, IFS, IATF). All known functions of the high level structure in DaIM are also integrated.

Testdrive - You can test all DaIM functions and modules in the preferred DaIM overall solution in the appsource!

Quality management helps to improve products and services, retain customers and act economically. DaIM Quality is the mirror of their activities and shows the effectiveness of quality-relevant measures in real time. Transform your system into an agile quality management system to position yourself successfully in the age of digital change.

Specific functions in quality management systems

  • Complaints - Customer feedback is recorded centrally in DaIM. Employees are supported in terms of processes when processing necessary root cause analyses and corrective measures. All transaction-related verification documents are directly linked to the complaint and can be reproduced at any time. Individual reports are available.
  • Quality assurance - Thanks to mobile recording, all relevant quality parameters can be recorded at the point of origin, checked using statistical methods (Cp, CpK, SPC) and compared with defined target values. Process releases, initial samples or ongoing controls are supported. The assignment of active measuring equipment ensures that only approved measuring equipment (MSA) is used in quality assurance. In DaIM third-party systems (e.g. laboratory information systems, PDC) are connected in order to simplify the recording effort and recurring preparation of key figures.
  • Customersatisfaction - Customer satisfaction is measured using freely selectable criteria and centrally recorded, analyzed and tracked through online customer surveys. Capture feedback from customers through customized, user-friendly surveys and incorporate the results into their review . Additionally, existing customer portals can be included.
  • Supplier evaluation - DaIM supports the management of standards-relevant suppliers and allows user-friendly assessment by the process owner or management team. All results are aggregated in DaIM and can thus be directly incorporated into their review.


- DaIM covers the entire supply chain and integrates customers in their communication via dedicated communication channels

- Data and documents are linked in a process-guided manner and integrated in reports

- Define quality parameters and record them at the point of origin

- Meeting customer needs

- Process reliability

- Efficiency in processing

- Customer audits

- Be ready at any time even for unannounced audits

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