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ITVT DataServices

ITVT DataServices provides up-to-date data and key figures of companies and corporations.
The company data is updated daily from public registers and Internet searches and made available for queries. In addition to essential information about master, industry and contact data of companies, the ITVT DataServices also provides financial data and Prefin™ KPIs and forecasts derived using AI.

Typical use cases for the ITVT DataServices include:
  • Focused lead acquisition: Identification of promising new customers, e.g. filtered by industry, region, size and financial stability
  • Master data enrichment: Validation and completion of existing customer databases
  • Marketing strategy: Identification of new target groups based on a variety of selection criteria
  • The ITVT Company Data Service is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365. The company search and transfer of results are available directly from account views at the touch of a button. The transfer of search results to the Dynamics 365 data set is done using Microsoft Power Automate Flows and can be flexibly configured.

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