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Loopio enables organizations to collaborate on RFX and Questionnaire responses

Craft winning Request for Proposal (RFP) and Questionnaire responses in record time.

Whether you’re responding to RFPs, DDQs, or Security Questionnaires, Loopio for Microsoft Dynamics 365 empowers your team to respond faster, improve proposal quality, and win more business. 

With Loopio you can:

  • Automatically fill in answers to common RFP questions, and export ready-to-go responses that reflect your brand

  • Organize your company’s RFP content—from product information, marketing messaging, and sales questions—into a single, centralized Library

  • Empower teams across your organization to collaborate seamlessly on projects and quickly find accurate, up-to-date content for proposals

  • View and monitor project progress within Microsoft Dynamics 365


Loopio has been adopted by more than 750 world-leading organizations since 2014, including DocuSign, FedEx, IBM, Manulife, and Thomson Reuters. 

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