Intelligent Container Tracking

por MCA Connect

Manufacturing companies gain global visibility, status and intelligence on their containers.

With MCA Connect’s Container Tracking solution manufacturing companies gain the visibility they need into the status of their containers around the world. Our solution, combining Microsoft Power BI and Power Automate technology, also determines best route optimization based on various inputs, including:

  • Transportation lane availability
  • Commodity pricing analysis (e.g. Fuel contracts)
  • Handling overrides

If you need to move a shipment to storage because of lack of demand, then you know when and where you can move the shipment. Let’s say you need your finished product or parts tomorrow. You can track the shipment and organize the products to be put on a plane to arrive the next day.

Intelligent Transportation allows for manufacturing companies to work with any shipping or freight forwarding company, and still get all the same data as if they were using an EDI interface. Leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform, this solution allows companies to scorecard their shipping company and gives insight into the on-time performance data. From there, companies will understand if they can save time with a different freight forwarding company, without being tied to a heavy EDI interface investment.

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