Translator Request System

Miri Infotech Inc.

Developed to submit Translator requests, monitor progress on a submission,

         The Translator Request System is designed and developed for the user who is actively stuck with the translation of language to complete the work. Users can  submit Translator requests, monitor progress on a submission,The main purpose of this app is to make translation easy for everyone from any language to another language.
         This app has 3 types of user One who need translator , 2nd translators and 3rd Admin. The process starts once the user submits the request form for translators. Then Translators see the requests and Claim for the job they are interested in. The final approval is managed by admin and then the admin has to login first in order to get the list that was claimed by the translators. Now, admin has the right to approve or reject the form to generate the final list with status “Yes” or “No”.
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