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Connected Field Service Add-on

Microsoft Dynamics 365

3.6 (9)

Use it to monitor and make sure your customers' assets are functioning properly

Detect, troubleshoot, and resolve issues remotely. Dispatch a technician only when necessary.

IoTCentral customers, please install the Connected Field Service app directly from the Dynamics 365 Admin portal: use of custom deployment application is not necessary. Instructions are provided on the following Overview Page

  • Basic: When an issue is detected, automatically create a work order and dispatch a technician. This proactive approach improves customer satisfaction by decreasing overall downtime and making repairs before customers are aware.
  • Advanced: When an issue is detected, Field Service asks the device sends a single, self-healing command. If that doesn’t work, then a work order is automatically created, and a technician is scheduled. Experience improved customer satisfaction and productivity because fewer technicians are dispatched when devices can self-heal.
  • Expert: Here, Field Service initiates a multi-step workflow when an issue is detected. Troubleshoot in all available ways. This level maximizes customer satisfaction and resource productivity because a technician is only dispatched when all other possibilities are exhausted.
  • Decrease the number of repair appointments by sending fewer technicians onsite.
  • Identify and fix problems before customers are aware
  • Solve issues before failure with automatically initiated, multi-layered troubleshooting.
  • Perform “just-in-time” preventative maintenance by understanding actual consumption.