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Extend Dynamics 365 with the power of instant push notifications and one tap responses and approvals

Customize your own alerts You can set up the content of the alert to what makes most sense to you. Why not add a phone number link to quickly call from the notification or use the link and the built in web browser to push out web links. We even support deep linking into the Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app. 

Take notes and respond When you receive a push notification, you can choose to respond to it either with a simple "Done", or with your approval decision if configured. With the response you can include a comment that will be sent back to CRM.

Include PDF attachments Your alerts can include PDF attachments generated from CRM reports. This will allow your approvals to include previews of quotes that the approver can base their decision on without having to open up CRM.

Deep Linking We support Deep Linking into Dynamics 365 and Resco mobile Apps. This means that when a new lead is registered, the notification in CRM Alerts can provide a button that directly opens up the mobile app of choice and automatically navigates to the relevant record. No need to search for it!

Synchronize Across Devices You can use CRM Alerts on multiple devices and we will synchronize the status between your devices. On top of iPhone we now also support iPad. With support for slide over and full multi tasking you can work in CRM Alerts side by side with your other apps.

We offer two subscription levels for CRM alerts depending on your specific needs. Our basic subscription gives you 100 alerts monthly while our premium subscription gives you unlimited alerts. The subscription is auto-renewing unless canceled and runs monthly.

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