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AI & NLP Powered Dynamics Customer Service and Field Service

Vertical Service intelligence - from Reactive to Predictive Service (N7) is focused on taking customers into a new era of augmented intelligence-based Service. We are solving complex Service problems by extracting usable intelligence from the enterprise data (structured +  unstructured) + tribal knowledge of their top 1% Service personas. 

Imagine this: What if one could accurately predict, within seconds, the exact resolution of the incoming customer issue or device failure? How great it would be when everyone in a service organization can reliably follow the highest probability path to resolution, know the replacement parts, time to fix, and cost ahead of time for every single case or field visit across all channels. 

Every service organization strives to deliver on the following metrics: First Call Resolution (FCR), Mean Time to Repair (MTR), and Service Productivity & Margin. Our solution is a game changer for such metrics. Our Service intelligence helps you deliver on your most crucial metrics. Leveraging your enterprise service data and knowledge of your top experts, we provide accurate predictions that increase FCR, reduce MTR, and improve Service Productivity & Margin.

Target User

N7 product adds value to any and every call center/helpdesk, self service portal and field service organization. Our product works seamlessly within your Dynamics 365 application to provide predictions throughout the service journey for the various service personas such as L1/L2/L3 agents, Dispatch, Field service agents, and the management team.


N7 offers specialized solutions for the following industries:

High Tech & Medical Device

BPOs/Speciality Services

Discrete Manufacturing

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