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AI based back-office platform streamlining business processes integrated with Microsoft ecosystem

Ingreso is an intelligent office platform designed to streamline business processes. Integrated with the Microsoft ecosystem, it offers a set of features aimed at improving office operations:

  • User Management: Enables automatic account creation and permission management.
  • Data Permissions: Uses security roles to define user access, ensuring data integrity and security.
  • Invoice, Letter, and Contract Approval and AI-Assisted Reading:
    • Provides a transparent and auditable process for approving invoices, letters, and contracts.
    • AI features allow for automatic scanning of invoices, extracting key details such as supplier name, invoice date, amounts, and items. This reduces manual data entry errors and speeds up invoice processing times.
  • Mobile Access: Available in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 mobile app, allowing users to access the platform on the go.
  • Continuity and Security: Supported by Microsoft's state-of-the-art disaster recovery solutions, ensuring business continuity even during Azure platform disruptions.
  • Backups: Utilizes continuous backups using SQL Azure, with varying retention periods depending on the environment's specificity.
  • Integration: Seamlessly integrates with Microsoft tools such as Office, Teams, and Power Automate, for increased automation and collaboration.
  • Integration with GUS (Central Statistical Office of Poland): Enables smooth connection and data exchange with the Central Statistical Office, which is crucial for companies operating in Poland.
  • ERP System Symfonia: Ingreso cooperates with the ERP system Symfonia, facilitating efficient management of company resources, finances, personnel, logistics, and production.
  • National Bank of Poland: Integration with the National Bank of Poland allows access to current exchange rates and other important financial information, particularly useful for accounting and finance departments.
  • White List: Integration with the White List of VAT taxpayers enables automatic verification of contractors, increasing transaction security and helping to comply with tax regulations.
  • KSeF (National e-Invoice System): Integration with the National e-Invoice System (KSeF) automates the process of issuing and receiving e-invoices, streamlining accounting processes and complying with the latest legal requirements in Poland.

Additionally, the Ingreso platform offers extensive CRM features, including:

  • Customers and Contractors: Managing information about customers and contractors, enabling effective communication and relationship building.
  • Multi-Company Support: The ability to handle multiple companies within one platform, ideal for capital groups and enterprises with various branches.
  • Leave Management: Managing employee leaves, allowing easy planning and approval of leave requests.
  • Centralized Firm Data Storage: All important company data is stored in one place, facilitating access and information management.
  • Full Audit: The ability to track all changes and operations performed in the system, ensuring full transparency and data security.

Ingreso, with its advanced features and integrations, represents a comprehensive solution for companies aiming to optimize their operations, providing efficiency, security, and flexibility.

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