Split Invoices

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Easily split new orders into multiple invoices that fit agreed payment schedules.

Simplify the process to manage payment schedules using this automated process to create split invoices from orders and other record types.

Reduce administration and save time by automatically splitting invoices whenever a phased payment schedule is agreed. Instantly create multiple invoice records in accordance with the defined payment terms.

Set Payment Terms

Create payment terms to define how the total amount will be split. Specify as many payment lines as required that detail the percentage split and each due date. Payment terms can be set for equal or weighted instalments.

Manage Due Dates

For each payment line, configure invoice dates to be payable upfront, or a defined number of days before / after the 'due from' date set on each order. Alternatively, an individual payment tranche can be set for manual invoicing.

Automatically Splits Invoices

Simply select the appropriate Payment Terms record and click the 'Split Invoice' button on the ribbon to run the automated process. This will automatically create multiple invoices as per the associated payment terms.

Instant Payment Schedule

Once complete, the full payment schedule is shown on the record as a sub-grid. 

Default Payment Terms

Set default payment terms on an account that will be automatically set when a new order is completed. 

Works on Multiple Entities

Enable split invoices on opportunities, quotes, orders, or any custom entity where there is a requirement to split payments.

How to Deploy

Download Split Invoices and get access to our entire growing collection of pre-built products by subscribing to Solutions 365 from Preact. Browse and deploy more connectors, field controls, automated processes and other usability tools that provide additional functionality and enhanced user experiences.


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