empower workplace app

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Power app to enable booking of desks within and office if socially distanced manner

A Cloud based solution allowing the ability for employees to book a seat in the office.

Controls the use of seating in an office on a day-to-day basis and limits to the maximum allowed

Employees can not only book seats on a particular day but can also see who is also in the office of that day.

Visual depiction of availability of seats where the seat is located.

Provides office managers with the ability to see which team member has booked seats on a daily and past basis.

empower workplace app was created to help people with booking of seats for specific projects or when there are limited seats in an office space. In the recent times however, this has helped with traceability of people if there is a breakout of COVID positive cases within the office. empower workplace app ensures that only the allotted number of seats can be booked at any given point of time, ensuring safety of employees whilst utilizing resources effectively. 

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