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Spinifex Go

Spinifex Productivity Engineering

Enables you to get your Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) off the shelf and into operation.


Spinifex Go allows your people to find out;

  • What they should be doing; and
  • How they should be doing it; and
  • When they should be doing it...

By delivering your relevant standard operating procedures securely to your people in a timely manner.

Pain Points

Your business relies on certain people and procedures but often;

  • No-one is sure about what they are responsible for
  • Most work is random and chaotic
  • There is a high turnover of people
  • Fluctuations between actual and budgeted values
  • High rates of rework and waste
  • Poor quality history recording

User Benefits

Spinifex Go will ensure your employees;

  • will know what is expected of them
  • will have the right tools, time and parts to get the job done
  • can apply the skills they have learnt in training
  • skills will increase so they have more job satisfaction
  • will be thinking like you!

Business Benefits

Spinifex Go will provide your business with;

  • Improved duty of care to your staff
  • Attraction and retention of skilled people
  • Increased accuracy of forecasts
  • Greater control on costs
  • Improved data accuracy creating confidence in reporting outcomes