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GST Taxation Solution for Dynamics 365 Sales

Overview :

Sysfore GST 365 is a Dynamics 365 solution to provision GST taxation for D365 Sales transaction of Opportunity, Quote, Order and Invoice products. This is the critical feature for D365 indian customers to incorporate GST taxation in customer engagement documentations like Customer Quote, Customer invoices for future reference. GST taxation data flow from CRM to ERP will be a seamless process for invoice billing and payment trackings which happens in traditional ERP systems in India.

Key Features :

1. GST tax calculation can be done for SFA record types like Opportunities, Quotes, Orders and Invoices.
2. Tax Rate can be defined for each product separately or directly in transaction lines.
3. Tax amount calculation is available in Record/individual line level.
4. Create/Update the product in Opportunities, Quotes, Orders and Invoices, if tax rate defined in product master automatically the tax amount calculation is happening depending upon the line base amount.
5. Tax calculated in Opportunities or any further stages of sales transaction(Opportunity to Quote, Quote to Order and so on), the tax amount data flow happening to next sales stages.

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