TravelOperations Engage

por Travel Operations

Effective CRM solution tailored for the needs of the travel business

Are you confident that you know your customers better than anyone else? Are you capable of leveraging everything you know about them to improve and target your offering? If not, you are missing out on invaluable opportunities to strengthen customer loyalty while increasing sales.

Keeping a record of your customers' favorite seating or meal preferences when traveling, knowing where and when they last went on a trip, and safeguarding all their essential travel details are some of the critical elements that can transform your customers' experience.

You are already an expert in providing fantastic travel experiences - but it can get even better if you leverage the right assets. TravelOperations Engage for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales is your one-stop CRM platform, helping you focus on making the most of customer data.

For whom?

  • Small, mid-sized, and large travel businesses
  • Travel industry standard: a perfect fit regardless of your specialization
  • Flexible licensing options: smoothly adapts to seasonal needs or business peaks and troughs

What do you get out of it?

  • Build long-lasting relationships: secure happily returning customers
  • Accelerate sales performance: send out the right offers at the right time
  • Leverage traveler insights: become (and remain!) the best travel adviser your customers ever had

What does it do?

  • Customer acquisition: track revenue and probability, actions and status updates, identify team members, stakeholders, and competitors.
    • Account and profile management: travel policy, traveler profiles, UDID configuration
      • Engagement to booking: contact and profile lookup, Prioritization (e.g. VIP)
        • Unified platform: integration with GDS and profile management tools (e.g. Office 365, SharePoint, Dynamics 365 F&O, LinkedIn), booking history
          • Self-service: profile management, customer-specific reporting
            • Insights and reporting: 360-degree view of customers, customer interaction insights, advanced and custom analytics with Power BI

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