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Matific develops mathematical excellence and problem-solving skills through playful interaction.

Matific develops mathematical excellence and problem-solving skills

through playful interaction.

The app features hundreds of math games and activities for grades K-6, organized according to national math teaching programs and popular textbooks. Matific supports and enhances existing math curricula by providing kids the opportunity to explore hands-on, rich virtual environments. Matific creates practical, virtual scenarios that give students the opportunity to manipulate virtual objects in a way that bridges abstract math concepts taught in the classroom and the events that kids experience in the real world. It is this real-world relatability that springboards the conceptual part of math learning.

The award-winning Matific app is designed by world-class early-age

math education experts, based on vast experience with math

teaching and research.

Endorsed by elementary school teachers and principals around the world, Matific is the product of choice for developing early-age math excellence and scientific intuition.

A Matific account is free for teachers for use in schools. For unlimited, 24/7 access to the Matific activities there is a subscription service for both schools and individuals.

Matific is fully functional with Windows 7, Windows 8, Internet Explorer 10 as well as Chrome and Firefox. Matific does not support Internet Explorer 9.